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"I highly trust Mosaic P.T. to provide state of the art rehabilitation to keep my patients pain free and active. Their one-on-one therapy is amongst the best in Los Angeles."

Steven Sampson D.O.
Clinical Instructor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Founder, The Orthohealing Center

Fizzy Yoga
Top physical therapy clinics in Los Angeles, CA 2015
Voted 2015's best Physical Therapist in Los Angeles, CA
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Mosaic Physical Therapy is an experienced group of professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We offer one hour, one-on-one individualized treatments with a licensed physical therapist, customized to meet your needs. Whether your goals are to compete in a triathalon or to walk across the street we will help you to recover from surgery, alleviate your pain or manage a chronic disease. Our team of physical therapists, certified Pilates, Yoga, and Gyrotonic® professionals have the experience and expertise to help you meet your goals. Not only will we help you to resume your activities, we will teach you what you can do to prevent future injuries or pain.


You've all heard about it. Women and men alike are doing it to get long, lean looking bodies and to increase their strength and flexibility. We're offering Pilates because it is one of the best exercise methods to help strengthen your core muscles safely. Our therapists may integrate Pilates into your rehabilitation program. You may also schedule either private or semi-private Pilates sessions with our expert Pilates instructors. Each one hour session is tailored to your level to help you meet your goals.


Gyrotonic® is a fluid system of exercises using wheelbases and suspended pulleys to create resistance. It is a system based upon yoga, ballet, swimming, dance, Tai Chi and gymnastics, which allows for full articulation of the joints while still addressing stability. At Mosaic Physical Therapy, you're treatment plan may include the use of this system to increase ROM, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, neuromuscular re-education, and stability. Private sessions are also available.


Inefficient postures, body mechanics and movement patterns can play a role in the way our body feels and performs and in the presence of symptoms. Feldenkrais is a treatment technique that teaches through movement how our bodies can function in our daily lives in a more efficient manner.


At Mosaic we will work together as a team to develop an individualized yoga practice to address your needs. If you are already a yoga student, we will teach you how to get the most out of your yoga practice. This may involve teaching you the intricacies of each pose in order to prevent injury, or simply suggesting modifications for your needs so that you can continue to attend yoga classes without the worry of injury. Yoga Therapy has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, improve the immune system, support digestion and instill as sense of wellbeing. Mosaic's Yoga Therapist will design a practice personalized to your needs.